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Vyshyvanka: Some Interesting Facts

Posted on juin 20 2017

Vyshyvanka is one of the symbols of the Ukrainian people. Its history dates back to the heyday of Trypillian culture.

1. In ancient times, people believed that embroidery was not just clothing, but a guard against all evil. That is why the shirt was decorated with a collar, an opening on the chest, and sleeves - everywhere, where the body remained exposed. Even newborn babies were given embroidered shirts for protection against evil spirits.
To test if a love was sincere, young women embroidered their shirts with their boys. During this practice, an ancient spell was whispered over the vintage, and if the shirt lost its linen after the first washing, it meant that this man was not the right one for her.
3. Each region of Ukraine had its own style of embroidery. They differed in style, color and embroidery patterns.
4. Another popular style is poly-chrome or multi-color embroidery. Previously this was predominant among Carpathians, Transcarpathians, Bukovina and Hutsulshchyna.
5. Ivan Franko was the first to combine embroidery with casual wear. He wore it under a jacket as a modern outfit, and this is precisely depicted on 20 hryvnia (Ukrainian money).

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